CannonDesign’s Mark Hirons is a key contributor to a new Huffington Post piece by Amanda Schneider entitled, “Outdoor Workspace: The Next Workplace Frontier,” which looks at the emerging trend of employers leveraging outdoor space to keep workers refreshed and inspired.

Hirons, a Design Principal in the firm’s Corporate/Commercial practice, offers, “[The advent of the outdoor workplace] is really a nexus between sustainability and wellness. While sustainability has been the focus 10-15 years ago, and more recently wellness, outside is natural integration of both. While people have had spaces outside which can accommodate, they haven’t thought of it as a workplace, but more of a place to eat or go walk around. This is a relatively myopic perspective of the types of engagement that would be viable outside. We want to leverage not only the real estate, but enrich choice and wellness of the people working for you. It is still untapped in many organizations.”

The piece notes how emerging technologies that have untethered us from needing to be near a computer or phone are making outdoor workplaces even more possible. Hirons added later in the article, “Outside there is more freedom for informal creative settings which are quite natural….you can lean against something while on the phone. You can perch on top of a garden wall with sculptural elements, sit in a lounge setting in a landscaped alcove or have a casual conversation as you walk alongside a coworker.”

For more insight into the emergence of outdoor workspace, read the full Huffington Post article here.