golisanoCannonDesign’s Stephen Winikoff and Steven Stafford have co-authored a piece for Medical Construction & Design entitled “Necessity & Opportunity,” offering insights into how strategic community partnerships can benefit outpatient healthcare facilities. Winikoff and Stafford examine how healthcare systems can leverage strategic partnerships as a way to address the social determinants of health, and illustrate how design can positively influence population health.

The article breaks down the topic by addressing several key issues: why population health matters and relevant policy changes and initiatives; the benefits and challenges surrounding these policy changes; and how design can influence successful outcomes. The piece ends with several takeaways that contribute to the creation of successful community partnerships.

The piece also includes a real-world example from a CannonDesign health project that exemplifies design strategies to address social determinants of health – the Golisano Center for Community Health. The full article can be read here, starting on page 38.

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