A regular contributor for Entrepreneur, Meg Osman has authored her second piece for the publication entitled, “How to Design Innovative Hubs for Big Ideas.”

The piece recognizes that companies are focused on increasing innovation in their organizations and offers ideas from outside industries that can help spur big thinking within companies. Specifically, the piece looks at Education (Lassonde Studios at University of Utah), Medical Science (SUNY Buffalo and Kaleida Health’s GVI/CTRC) and  Art (DePaul University’s new Theater School) as industries pushing new ideas that can influence workplace design.

Design Innovative HubsHere’s one key excerpt from the piece:

On Art’s Influence in Workplace Design

People often find their best ideas when they’re allowed to put different pieces together, try, modify, tweak and try again. The new Theater School at DePaul University welcomes this notion by providing expansive shop spaces for costume, makeup, prop and scene shops, rehearsal studios, lighting laboratories, movement studios, etc. where students and actors are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

All the tools and props they might require are placed along the walls of the shops, and there are no set rules for how they need to be used or arranged. Instead, the entire space is an open canvas where these artists can work together to find creative solutions. This is another ideal organizations can infuse into their workspaces. Rather than view the workplace as a place where prescriptive actions happen in set areas and specific people sit in the same place every day, it is okay to dedicate spaces where employees can arrange technology, furniture and lighting as they see fit for different activities. It’s okay to let employees sit and work amidst different people or departments for different efforts. This workplace freedom increases employee satisfaction and allows them to be more comfortable and creative each day.

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