Focus on collaboration. Create spaces that allow for flexibility. Align your organization’s workplace with its mission. These are driving messages in Meg Osman’s new piece for, a website and magazine dedicated to providing CEOs with real-world best practices and analysis to help them be effective and inspiring leaders.

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As Osman notes, “office environment is the fourth most important factor for millennials when they’re choosing an employer. Moreover, other top-five factors (according to a recent report from The Millennial Impact) like work culture and having a mission can be directly impacted by the workplace.

Other key excerpts from the article include:

The millennial generation essentially demands a corporate culture anchored in collaboration. Recent studies show that 82% of millennials believe collaboration is the key to innovation and aspire to work in companies that agree. This means organizations should invest in technology and spaces that encourage and drive collaboration, while also enabling the type of work their people need to get done.

Organizations at the forefront of responding to millennial demand for flexible workspaces are introducing “hubs” of flexible space that can offer up to 10 different types of work settings. These hubs then allow employees to sit, stand, lean, gain privacy and move around throughout the day as they feel necessary.

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