Michael Bonomo, our director of global workplace, has authored a new article for American City Business Journals highlighting 3 Technology Trends Reshaping Workplaces in 2018. In the piece, Michael shares enthusiasm that many progressive employers “are beginning to strategically leverage breakthrough technologies to improve the lives of their teams, drive greater productivity, and improve the bottom line.” Specifically, Michael focuses on robotics, biometrics, virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other tech that promotes personalization.

The full article is available online. Below are key excerpts:

On the potential of the IoT
Beyond introducing new efficiencies in the workplace, the IoT can also help companies spur innovation. Those organizations seeking to introduce products that thrive in a connected world must be conducting product research and design in connected workplace environments. Honeywell stands out in this space with its investment in a new leading-edge software center that also serves as the HQ for its Home and Building Technologies business in Atlanta. No doubt other companies will follow suite, like medical technology companies creating “smart surgical rooms” in their workplaces and education companies launching “smart classroom spaces for product development. The possibilities are endless.

On how biometrics could drive efficiency
Currently, biometrics are mostly used for simple tasks like launching apps on phones or unlocking laptops. Some companies like Alibaba in China are having their employees enter their office building via facial recognition as opposed to swiping ID cards.

Imagine the future potential of this technology in the workplaces – securing or unlocking files without a password database; having computers inform employees it’s time for a break to reduce eye strain or stress; or automatically adjusting different aspects of the office (lighting, temperature, etc.) based on who’s occupying it to strengthen and enhance employees’ workplace experience.

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