Healthcare InnovationThe latest issue of Medical Construction + Design features an authored piece from Mike Pukszta, “Retail, Corporate Workplaces, Science – Looking to Other Industries for Innovation,” that focuses on how clients like University of Minnesota Health and Washington University Medical are finding successful ideas in new places. As the piece notes,  while typical hospital profit margins are around 2 percent right now, they could dip to negative 10-20 without significant innovation in the decade ahead.

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Air Travel and Homeland Security: Streamlined Patient Experiences

The Department of Homeland Security does a strong job of managing consumer experience and proves it doesn’t require massive amounts of space to create an accessible, intuitive experience. The department’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division has responded to the increasing number of international travelers entering the United States coupled with increasingly sophisticated screening requirements by introducing GlobalEntry to expedite the process for travelers willing to pay a fee and summit to additional screening. The model fast tracks certain customers, which has reduced border crossing at some location from over an hour to under a minute.

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