We’re proud to share that Fast Company has released its list of the 27 Most Innovative Spaces and Places of the Year, which includes the University of Minnesota Health (M Health) Clinics & Surgery Center. This builds on a long list of accolades and media coverage for the M Health projects including a previous article in Fast Company, a FastCo Design X Innovation Award and pieces in Becker’s Hospital Review, STAT and QZ, to name a few.

The M Health building is in great company, and the full list of 27 innovative places can be read online. Here’s what the FastCo team wrote about the project.

This University of Minnesota health center reimagines what a hospital can be, with no private offices or front desk. Instead, patients are checked in via iPad by staff members who come to them – and rooms are available by reservation. It’s a new way of thinking about how space can be effectively used to promote healing. No one likes going to the hospital, but details like these can go a long way to improving the experience.

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