Our Director of Global Workplace Michael Bonomo is featured prominently in a new article from the New York Post titled, “Why you’ll love having Gen Zers in the workplace.” The piece looks at how new generations and their shifting perceptions of work are forcing companies to reshape workplaces for the future. Per the article, “experts use terms as Gen Z, iGen and Plurals to categorize the generation born starting in the mid-1990s. Regardless of the name your assign them, they are about to change everything, from the way you communicate, to our office environment…”

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The full article can be read online. Below are key excerpts:

On the concept of going to work
Gen Zers also don’t think that “going to work” has anything to do with commuting…So, if you’re a hiring manager offering “working from home” or a “private office” to a Gen Zer as a perk, you might around a fair amount of confusion, since they take those to be a given. ‘Being chained to a desk with a computer in a fixed place seems ridiculous in this day and age’ says Bomomo. ‘Who wants to work in Dilbertville?’ he adds, referring to the cubicle firm in which the 1990s-era comic-strip character Dilbert spent his time. Working from wherever – and it ought to be nice, well-connected, ergonomically correct setting – is the new normal.

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On fostering interaction in the workplace
Bonomo adds that more ample, light-filled workspaces and wall-less lounges where workers can gather to interact and enjoy great coffee are likely to become the norm. And assume that your next desk will convert from sitting to standing, he adds.

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