A new article from HR Dive on how color theory can influence culture, wayfinding, brand, and more in the workplace features our Nicole Andreu extensively. Aimed at HR leadership, the piece focuses on how color theory can directly impact staff wellness, recruitment, retention and other variables key to business success. Nicole helps define color theory in the piece saying, “I think color theory is the way color combinations affect our surroundings. Color affects our mood. It can create balance or imbalance depending on how it’s used.”


The full HR Dive piece is available online. Here are key excerpts featuring Nicole:

On creating calming environments
To create a relaxed and calming atmosphere, Andreu incorporates green and complements it with neutral colors on the gray and white spectrums. Primary colors can generate a lot of energy in a space and Andreu specifically noted that red is not the only color to elicit such a feeling. Primary colors are versatile, too – “you can use them in so many different ways.”

On how color and brand influence one another
It’s possible for a company’s brand to infuse a workplace through color. “I think there are ways to infuse a brand without having the logo splashed around the office,” Andreu explains. Companies in such predicaments could pick neutrals and colors that complement the branding colors and bring in the logo only once within the space, to draw maximum attention to it without overdoing the colors.

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