CannonDesign’s bolstered workplace design team is profiled in an extensive Q+A piece published by Office Snapshots. Excited about CannonDesign’s recent addition of Michael Bonomo as Director of Global Workplace and Assembly Design Studio, Office Snapshots caught up with the team’s leaders (Bonomo, Meg Osman, Liz Guerrero and Denise Cherry) to talk about their goals, current work and what excites them for the future of workplaces.

The full article can be read online. Below are key excerpts.

On what types of projects or clients the team most enjoys working with?
MB: We love working with disruptors, companies and individuals looking to stand out, behave differently, be smarter, faster and never yield to the status quo. Whether that’s a tech company or another titan of industry, the key is being willing to push boundaries to inspire and attract great talent, clients and partners.

MO: We find projects that move past the status quo are usually the most complex, challenging and satisfying for designers. It’s working with clients that are willing to take educated and data-supported risks that really fuels our collective passion.

On how the workplace will change and evolve in the next 20 years?
LG: I think it will evolve a great deal. Right now, technology is changing the way we work but it can still be a hindrance. I think in the next twenty years, technology will be more integrated and more so seamlessly integrated into the background, we’ll see more seamless technology design solutions in work environments. Already we’re working with clients looking to make bold strides in this area.

MO: I hope in the next 20 years, organizations will rely less on trendy design ideas and focus more on what is right for them as their own unique organization – a highly customized solution that positively motivates their people and business. We’ve learned in recent years, “keeping up with the Joneses,” can be a dangerous proposition.”

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