Patricia Bou, principal in our Washington, D.C. office, is featured prominently in a new article about trends in university buildings. The article, published by Building Design + Construction, indicates that “though the U.S. economy is strong with investment gains buoying endowments, colleges and universities face pressures to economize and stretch their capital budgets.”

The full article can be read online.

How does the design and construction community respond to these pressures? According to Patricia, in part by paying attention to the idea of “rightsizing and rightplacing.” The article states that, having faced the challenge of cramped spaces, many institutions in recent years assigned programs and administrative functions to wherever they would fit. “[Institutions] are now looking to put things where they belong instead of just where they fit,” says Patricia.

The article also discusses the importance of rethinking strategies for the academic workplace, especially at business schools. “‘With most business school instructors coming from corporate environments, they are accustomed to modern workplaces,’ says Patricia. Providing semi-private offices, even if they are small, with transparent sightlines and touchdown spaces of different sizes nearby for meetings, can help woo top talent from the corporate world.”