Metropolis has published a new piece from CannonDesign’s Peter Ellis focused on the emerging baby boomer population and how it will impact the design of cities and the physical environment. As Ellis notes, the Boomer generation is not like previous generations in that its members “have not moved to retirement communities, preferring rather, to stay as long as they are able in urban neighborhoods – where they can continue to lead active lives.”

Ellis’ piece sets forth several ideas on city design and can be read in full here. Below are brief excerpts on key topics.

On Quality of Life
The quality of our lives depends, of course on more than the latest advances in biomedical research. We now understand our physical environment and our behavior are the root cause of many of our chronic diseases. This growing awareness underlines our demand for sustainable communities, which support an active and healthy lifestyle.

On Boomers and Millennials
Taken together, the Boomeand Millennial generations generally comprise half the population of a typical city. United, we will be a powerful force for change.