Rand Ekman, CannonDesign Director of Sustainability, is featured in a recent BuildingGreen.com piece entitled, “Take Control of Your Materials: Four Empowering Lessons from Team That Beat the Red List.” The piece touches on critical sustainability subjects including the Health Product Declaration and the Living Building Challenge. Below is an excerpt from Rand and the full article can be read online.

Ekman sees the value [of Health Product Declarations] in the absolutes inherent in Living Building Challenge: “If we were doing a Living Building, it would be very easy: the client wants it delivered in this particular manner, and you have to do that or you can’t be on the project.” But since most
projects aren’t working with LBC and most clients are not quite so choosy about materials, he also sees the value in wading in more gradually.

“Really what we’re looking for right now is the information. People need to feel as though there’s room for them to make changes and make decisions and do what their design or manufacturing work is without being shut down right away.”