Silicon.NYC, a one-stop-shop blog for everything related to tech, startups and entrepreneurship in NYC, has published a new article written by Sarah Gerber entitled How to Design the Best Workplace for Your Startup.

The article looks at four important factors that can strengthen startup workplace design including physical location, flexibility, collaborative spaces, and encouraging employee freedom. It also highlights interesting data from First Round Capital and references leading workplace projects around the country. The full piece can be read online and below is a brief excerpt:

Designing for Teams is Critical

Other recent data from First Round Capital suggests that startups with founding teams perform 163% stronger and secure 25% higher seed valuations than companies with one founder. This revealing data doesn’t mean company leaders should haphazardly seek out new founding partners, but it indicates the power of teams and the need to design for them to thrive in the workplace.

When successfully executed, both formal (enclaves, team rooms) and informal (cafes, gyms) areas can spur team building, collaboration, idea-sharing, and communication to accelerate discovery. Moreover, designing for a team-based culture also helps create engaged employees, who are 59% less likely to seek employment elsewhere than their unengaged peers.

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