As a continuation of our long-standing partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), CannonDesign is  proud to mark the completion of engineering and architectural services for the design of ORNL’s Leadership Imaging Facility.  Once operational the new facility will provide unparalleled capabilities and long-term flexibility in advanced microscopy.

The facility is planned to support four highly advanced ultra-sensitive, scanning-transmission electron microscopes (STEM).  CannonDesign led a design team that evaluated vibration, acoustic, and EMI ambient conditions at more than 10 sites before recommending a site based upon analytical data.  In addition to highly technical structural systems designed to provide a minimum VC-H vibration performance, CannonDesign engineered a radiant cooling panel system to provide an ultra-quiet, precision temperature control system with a variance of no more than 0.01 deg C change per minute.

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