St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center is featured in the May/June issue of Medical Construction & Design magazine. The article, authored by Director of Healthcare Interiors Jocelyn Stroupe, explores design strategies behind one of the few standalone pediatric outpatient facilities in the country. Below are a few excerpts from the story.

On How Research Informed Design

“Research revealed a level of sophistication in children’s cognitive abilities that inspired the team to go beyond creating simplistic, static visual environments to create dynamic environments that engage multiple age groups. It also provided a better understanding of how to organize the overall floorplate to streamline travel distances and separate traffic flows.”

On Maximizing Community Convenience

“Embracing a “one-stop shop” approach that has become a defining trend in outpatient facilities, the facility takes cues from the retail industry and offers a café, a safety shop for car seats and other child-related equipment, classroom space for community programs and a pharmacy. By clustering related amenities under one roof, the center adds value beyond providing excellent care and further responds to the needs of the community.”

On Orchestrating the Patient Experience

“Splashes of color, playful seating, vibrant artwork, expansive wall murals and floor-to-ceiling windows provide opportunities for children to engage with the environment. Graphic elements on the walls, ceilings and floors provide positive distractions at the right place at the right time, and are often accompanied by narrative text to engage different age groups. Therapy areas incorporate benchmarks and milestones in the design — for example — graphic elements in the flooring are used as destinations for children working to improve mobility. Each department or clinic follows a different Missouri-specific theme with its own distinctive entry portal marked with a unique color to aid in wayfinding and create a sense of place.”

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