How Bayhealth is using integrated project delivery to optimize the design of their new health campus

Bayhealth Medical Center’s planned 165-acre, $277 million health campus is featured in the latest issue of Delaware Business magazine. The article highlights how the campus is positioning itself to better serve the rapidly growing population in the Milford, DE area.

On Expansion to Meet Community Need
Milford Memorial Hospital’s existing downtown site is landlocked with no room to grow without disrupting the residential communities that surround it. By moving their main campus to a greenfield site strategically located between Kent and Sussex counties there is room for the hospital to expand as needed over time while meeting the needs of the communities that it exists to serve. “We need to position Bayhealth in a very strategic and positive way to make sure we service the community as it grows, and assure the infrastructure is there from a healthcare standpoint,” stated Michael Ashton, vice president of operations and administrator at Milford Memorial Hospital.

On the Advantages of Integrated Project Delivery
To achieve this goal, CannonDesign and construction management company Whiting Turner are utilizing integrated project delivery (IPD) to deliver the initial hospital – which will cover about 50 acres. IPD emphasizes the reduction of waste and redundancies in the design process while increasing value.  The design and construction team meets bi-weekly on site in a shared space called the “Co-location Office.”  Together with the Owner and early trade partners in engineering systems, the full team collaborates on testing design schemes against cost parameters and construction methods to evaluate which option(s) best meet project goals.

“Everything is planned heavily on the front side to alleviate back-end changes of construction later on,” Ashton shared. “We’re not designing with the architect and then sending the plans to the construction management team. We’re putting them in the same building, in the same user-group meetings, in the same design sessions. Everybody is there to hear what’s going to work and what’s not going to work and provide that real time input so we can streamline the design and development process of this campus.”

On Growing Outpatient Services
Initial proposals indicated that the hospital will have 128 beds, down from the 168 beds at Milford Memorial Hospital (although only 127 are operationalized). At the heart of the reduced number of beds is the goal of reducing the number of nights patients are staying in the hospital and increasing the attention given to preventative measures.

What makes it more than a hospital is the vast array of outpatient services such as primary care and specialty physicians as well as diagnostic services – all located together for a better patient experience, shared

– Terry Murphy, president and CEO of Bayhealth

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