Our Director of Workplace Strategy and Change, Swapna Sathyan, contributes significantly to a new report from UNLEASH on the future of work. As the piece indicates, “emerging technologies and a new generation of workers are not only changing the nature of work, they’re revolutionizing the very physical spaces where we’re doing that work.”

The piece covers extensive ground and numerous change agents impacting workplaces. Here are key excerpts from Swapna’s contributions:

On the importance of workplace design
“Organizations are more sophisticated in their understanding that good workplace design can help them cope with disruptive changes in the marketplace. Changes are occurring so fast and so drastically that it becomes imperative for leaders in this arena to think ahead.

As awareness grows, organizations are investing more time and resources to design their physical work environments, often with an emphasis on data-driven employee preferences and flexible spaces that can support multiple functions important to a dynamic workforce. In addition to common areas, you need areas for focus and concentration, you need areas where you collaborate, places where you improve your health and your wellness and even areas to improve your skills, comprehension and learning.”

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