TD Place at Lansdowne Park won a silver award during the 25th International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) Congress in Cologne, Germany last week. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) / IAKS awards exist to celebrate exemplary buildings and complexes that integrate sensible sustainability and legacy considerations, strong functional planning and exceptional architectural design. TD Place at Lansdowne Park was one of 22 winners selected from more than 70 projects submitted. The full list of winners were profiled by CLAD Global online.

City Of Ottawa, Lansdowne Park Redevelopment

In Germany to accept the award, our Bob Fatovic also delivered a presentation on Lansdowne Park as part of the 25th IAKS Congress – one of the premier international events focused on the design, construction, modernization and management of sports and leisure facilities.

TD Place at Lansdowne Park has received such praise as it establishes a new paradigm for modern sports design. The stadium departs from the traditional notion of a stadium as an inert building and instead positions itself as event-based art in which people and built form intersect. This is achieved through a dynamic public space/park concourse that encircles the stadium, providing the public with opportunities to flow through the stadium structure while still in the park. This establishes a new model for how urban stadiums are designed and constructed as no longer must they be confined by parking structures and paved roadways. The new stadium recently hosted Women’s World Cup games and is helping rejuvenate the historic Lansdowne Park along the Rideau Canal and initiate commercial development.

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