The San Francisco Times has published a new story focused on the incorporation of wellness into workplaces entitled, “How Architects Are Baking Health into Office Design.” CannonDesign Workplace Strategist Teresa Bridges contributed to the piece that looks at steps companies can take to create healthy work environments, the impacts of LEED, natural light, air quality and movement.

“When I first started in the industry, wellness wasn’t something talked about a lot. People may have considered it in providing a salad bar or healthier food choices and now its translated into looking at how people are working and what are natural ways to make environments healthier,” Bridges notes in the piece. “Everyone’s fighting for talent and to come up with something original there.”

Teresa also contributed to another piece in the paper focused on how San Francisco companies are reviving bars in the workplace. As Teresa notes, “There are ways for companies to balance the boozing so it doesn’t become an impediment. It can be moderated so that it’s open only a couple times a week, or include a wider array of non-alcoholic drinks. It’s about creating a social atmosphere.”