Retail. Options. Convenience. Accessibility.

These were key themes in the health industry in 2014, as a consumer-driven healthcare landscape emerged. At CannonDesign, we saw many of the health systems we work with proactively anticipate this shift – from considering how they can partner with their retail counterparts to reach a broader population base, to figuring out how to better coordinate care and streamline their services, to re-evaluating what amenities they should be offering to improve the patient experience.

Several of the facilities our clients opened in 2014 demonstrate the way leading organizations are utilizing their new ambulatory care facilities to embrace this consumer mentality, which is likely to grow in the years ahead. The Allegheny Health Network Health + Wellness Pavilion in Wexford, PA is one such example.

Bringing a range of outpatient services into the community, with a level of quality and sophistication normally found only in a hospital, the new Allegheny Health Network Health + Wellness Pavilion in Wexford, PA makes the continuity of care across specialties more seamless and integrated than ever before. This multi-disciplinary setting paired with amenities that support a modern lifestyle helps facilitate convenient, efficient, and enjoyable health and wellness patient visits, giving consumers the time to enjoy life while embracing healthy habits.

The new health and wellness center, which opened in October 2014 and was designed by Astorino-CannonDesign, provides services such as Ambulatory Surgery, Medical and Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Family and Specialty Physician Practices, alongside amenities including a café, children’s playroom, large courtyard, walking trail, and a variety of retail outlets. The design of the space was informed by guiding principles for medical malls identified through Astorino-CannonDesign’s research related to people’s expectations of their healthcare experiences. These principles focused on the ability to create an experience that reinforces the importance of care and wellness, enables trust and confidence, and creates a welcoming environment for women (who commonly make household healthcare decisions) among other factors. Programmatic areas and wayfinding strategies were carefully planned and designed to offer discretion and privacy based on the many different patient and consumer profiles that will utilize the space.

The result is an award-winning facility that will be honored as the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania’s 2014 “Project of the Year” award in the commercial category. It is a significant step forward in Allegheny Health Network’s effort to develop outpatient facilities to meet the future needs of patients.