Tim Swanson, CannonDesign’s Chicago office leader, has authored a new piece on, “How design helps Chicago schools connect students to future jobs,” that focuses on recent efforts by Malcolm X College, Archeworks and the Chiaravalle Montessori School. The piece highlights creative new learning models these institutions are advancing that will positively influence the city’s future and the lives of countless students for generations to come.

Below are brief excerpts from the new Chicago Business Journal piece and the full article can be read online.

On future-focused curriculum at Malcolm X College

Informed by feedback from healthcare chief executives and senior leaders across the city about the needs of their future workforce, the Malcolm X campus is designed to support new future-focused curriculum. For example, the college recognized that while 75 percent of healthcare students go to work in hospitals or clinics today, in just five years, 75% of them will have to provide some form of in-home treatment because of the aging population. The new Malcolm X campus plans for this with a variety of simulation rooms, including a simulation apartment for in-home training purposes.

On actionable education at Archeworks

One example of Archeworks’ creative learning platforms is their Wa$ted Market initiative. In partnership with the Cook County Department of Environmental Control, the Building Material Reuse Association, the ReBuilding Exchange and leading design firms, Archeworks launched Wa$Ted Market to help address the fact the building industry accounts for an estimated 350 million tons of construction debris flowing into landfills each year. Students in the program designed myriad responses, including platforms to forecast the availability of reused materials resulting from commercial office space demolitions and a strategic business canvas for the Home Depot Reuse Initiative.

STEAM learning at Chiaravalle Montessori

K-12 schools like the Chiaravalle Montessori School are leading the charge for STEAM education with the introduction of its Da Vinci Studio. An innovative learning environment, the Da Vinci Studio evolves STEM to STEAM through the integration of art and design. In this maker space, designed for discovery and problem solving, students can dig into big projects around robotics, pulleys, photosynthesis, pendulum drawing, 3D printing and more.

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