SXSWeduCannonDesign is excited to share news that Tim Swanson – leader of both our Chicago office and our City Design Practice – has been selected to present at the 2017 South by Southwest Education Conference & Festival (SXSWedu). Tim will present with Tony Martinez, the Mayor of Brownsville, TX on the topic of “Learning Spaces to Catalyze Socioeconomic Growth,” and focus on the firm’s recent work with University of Texas, Brownsville, Malcolm X College and University of Central Florida.

The SXSWedu conference is one of the premier education conferences in the world, fostering innovation in learning by hosting incredibly passionate speakers from across the world of education each March in Austin, TX. Competition to speak at the annual event is intense and only 200+ of the 1,300+ submissions for the 2017 conference were selected. Each submission is reviewed by a panel from SXSWedu and also part of a month-long public voting process to help determine which ideas and topics will best resonate with this year’s audience.

Tim’s abstract and supporting video and slideshare deck can still be viewed online. We’ve also included the abstract and video as part of this post for reference.

Learning Spaces to Catalyze Socioeconomic Growth

Learning centers are only successful if they empower the individual who will use them. Cutting-edge tech and branded environments are great, but schools must strategically respond to the unique needs, opportunities and challenges of their students and communities. Successful learning spaces need to consider population data, economic conditions, job forecasting, health outcomes, public transit, sustainability, the list goes on. With a look at recent efforts in Chicago, Orlando and Brownsville, TX, this presentation reveals how multi-disciplinary design thinking can deliver schools that shape our future leaders while improving health, advancing socioeconomic conditions and strengthening cities.