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Tim Swanson

Chicago Office Practice Leader Tim Swanson talks office design.

Tim Swanson, CannonDesign’s Chicago Office Practice Leader, is featured in a Q/A piece with Chicago Blue Sky focused on office design. Blue Sky, an extension of the Chicago Tribune focused on news related to innovation and entrepreneurship, spoke with Tim about his new leadership role, the firm’s recent work in Chicago and beyond and the future of workplaces.

The full article can be read online, key excerpts include:

On How CannonDesign Collects Information for Workspaces

“It’s a lot of on the-ground analysis and assessment. It’s surveys and stakeholder interviews, tracking where people go and how they go, really understanding their use of space. Trying to marry up – as best we can – the way performance metrics suggest how people work with how those people perceive themselves working. I think that duality is incredibly important.

And then we do a lot of follow-up. We track with those organization. We look at perception shifts and attitude shifts over six months and a year and two years, etc. really watching how those organization rethink themselves and how their populations settle into the new norms that are created.”

On What’s Next for Office Design

The most important thing, at least from my perspective, is giving folks the agency to use the space both in ways it was intended and maybe ways it wasn’t intended. That was a lesson we had to learn in our office. It was about empowering people and allowing people to use things differently than we created them for.

What I do see a lot of is making certain there is a comfort level from day one that people can and should own their space. And in order to do so, have a little bit of leeway to craft it, adjust it, tweak it, push it, pull it accordingly. It can look wildly creative and have a really great glossy spread in a magazine, but if people can’t work creatively within that space, then it doesn’t quite count.

Read the full Chicago Blue Sky piece online, CannonDesign Leader: Employees should push, pull their workspace.

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