A new story from UBNow highlights the exciting alumni relations that help define CannonDesign’s team for the University of Buffalo’s (UB) One World Café, a project that will meet demand for expanding dining facilities to accommodate UB’s growing campus population, while also bringing to UB an international eatery and community space where students, faculty, staff and visitors can enjoy a diverse selection of foods from around the world in a welcoming, multicultural environment.

CannonDesign’s Amir Rezaei, Peter McCarthy and Luke Johnson, all both UB graduates and key members of the One World Café team. In the story, our Frank Sica talks about how the team was selected for their expertise, and their experience as students amplifies their ability to create a meaningful solution for the university.

From L-R (UB graduates Amir Rezaei, Peter McCarthy and Luke Johnson talk with UB’s architecture dean Robert Shibley outside Hayes Hall on the university’s south campus.) Photo credit: Douglas Levere

“Beyond their skills and expertise, the team’s familiarity with and passion for the campus and its community are invaluable. Quite literally, three of our team members have walked the UB campus as students and know what it means to be a UB student day in and day out.”

Robert Shibley, dean of UB’s School of Architecture and Planning later shares in the story: “We’re proud to see our graduates return to UB to bring to life the vision for One World Café, inspired by our CannonDesign partners and the UB community, as a new center of celebration for global culture across our university.”

The full story can be viewed online. Below are additional key excerpts:

Peter McCarthy on how the trio’s student experience elevates design possibilities
“The biggest ideas only succeed when they’re built upon the smallest human-scale moments, like knowing the fastest way through the Spine, the best quiet study spot, or how to find a wider variety of menus at mealtimes. For those of us who lived and learned on the UB campus for so long, this project is a journey and experience that few designers ever embark upon.”

Luke Johnson on how his UB education has empowered his career efforts
“As a graduate of UB’s School of Architecture and Planning, my education and time there has enabled me to become an advocate for the profession within our community. Beyond my work at CannonDesign, I’m involved extensively with the Buffalo Architecture Foundation and local public school, focused on creating engaging educational programming that introduces students to the importance of the built environment.”

Amir Rezaei on giving back to UB
For those of us on the project team who are UB graduates, this is an incredible opportunity to give back to UB in a special way. It’s rare to be able to so directly use the skills you developed at a college or university to then enrich it.”

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