Two of CannonDesign’s directors are helping to shape the reach and power of virtual reality (VR) in business applications. David Polzin, AIA, LEED AP, Executive Director of Design (left), and Jimmy Rotella, Digital Practice Director recently presented on groundbreaking pilot testing for this technology, useful in AEC project coordination, at BD+C’s Accelerate Live! conference.

VR has long promised users the ability to enter foreign worlds, recreate the past, step into the future. But the idea of using VR to collaborate with colleagues, clients and vendors on virtual project sites, from anywhere in the world — the ability to “meet in the model” — is closer to reality.

With this ability, multiple users can discuss, draw, scale, redesign, and advance a design project in real time, enhancing communication and adding time for design exploration. Imagine a walk-through with clients with the ability to implement suggestions on the spot, without the logistical demands and costs of making those revisions.

A 15-minute video on the Accerlate Live! website shares David and Jimmy’s presentation, offering key insights into this exciting, eye-opening technology.

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