Virginia Tech’s (VT) breakthrough approach to integrated campus recreation and wellness is profiled in a new story from Athletic Business. The story highlights how Virginia Tech now welcomes new students by “explaining the importance of wellbeing, what it looks like and why it’s important to them.”

Central to VT’s overall message is that recreational sports isn’t the only entity on campus engaged in enhancing student health and wellbeing. In 2005, the university committed to an integrated approach by creating a Health and Wellness unit that includes five high-profile departments: Recreational Sports, the Cook Counseling Center, the Schiffert Health Center, Services for Students with Disabilities and Hokie Wellness. Our team is helping them reshape War Memorial Hall to house this integrated vision to campus recreation and wellness.

“It seems like such a simple thing, but it has made all the different for us,” Ali Cross, VT’s director of recreational sports told Athletic Business, adding that Recreational Sports now is reaching out to the university’s approximately 600 academic advisors regarding ways to incorporate the concepts of health and wellbeing into even more facets of students lives – including talking with students about the connections between exercise and mental health, and wellbeing and academic performance.”

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