Work Design Magazine has published a new video and text case study of Echo Global Logistics headquarters in Chicago. Designed to put the organization’s brand on full display from the moment one enters, the workspace features the word “ECHO” sculpted as four massive letters in weathered steel at the main entrance. The letters are set at different angles to create a shifting experience for passersby. Upon entry, the “E” is perfectly aligned and luminous, while the “O” appears darker and more abstract. As the individual moves, each letter comes into similar focus as the others change shape, altering perception with distance and time.

The Echo Global Logistics expansion doubles the size of its headquarters and gives over 1,200 Chicago-based employees access to enhanced technology, training resources, and spaces that allow them to collaborate with colleagues in new ways. The expansion greatly increases the diversity of available settings and tools, from meeting spaces for teams to put heads together to focus rooms for individuals to work heads-down.

Our design takes advantage of the building’s 18-foot-tall ceilings with unobstructed walls of windows that help to bring a sense of openness to the highly populated workplace. We organized the space around two main “streets” that run the entire length of the headquarters north to south, which help to break the environment into neighborhoods. Design elements allude to the transportation industry, such as the focus rooms that look like loading dock doors and four graphic feature walls that borrow their mojo from custom big-rigs.

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