AZURE Magazine has named York University’s New Student Centre as one of the 10 best Canadian architecture projects of 2018. The student center, which was completed in May 2018 and opened this fall, was the result of a 2013 referendum in which the student body voted in favor of a second building devoted solely to student space. The referendum secured the highest voter turnout in the history of Canadian post-secondary institutions, with approximately 90 percent of students voting in favor.

Called the “Best Collaborative Effort,” the piece highlights the efforts made by the university and design team to include students in every aspect of the design process. Design features include a dynamic wood-wrapped stair that culminates in a broad sweep of a wood-ceilinged space. Daylight shines deep into the building through carefully placed skylights, and numerous windows offer broad views of campus. Glass paneling encourages transparency, and mirrors student aspirations for it to serve as a place of debate, advocacy and engagement. The building is targeting LEED Gold certification.

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