August 18, 2020

Natasha Kearney elected President of SMPS Maryland Chapter

Natasha Kearney, the Baltimore Business Development Leader, has been elected President of the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Maryland chapter.

She has been an SMPS member for 15 years and has previously served on the board of the MD Chapter as Education Director and this past year as Program Director. Natasha enjoys networking with other marketing and business developers across the AEC industry and SMPS’s tireless commitment to empower marketing and business development in the industry.

As President, Natasha is the principal officer and spokesperson for the Chapter and exercises general oversight of its affairs and the Board of Directors. Some responsibilities include organizing and facilitating a Strategic Programming Session with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors; communicating the Board’s Strategic Planning objectives to the chapter at large; coordinating the completion and submission of the Annual Financial, Education and Charity Events Forms to SMPS Headquarters; and presiding over all monthly Board meetings.