October 22, 2020

Shout Out Dallas Interviews Alison Leonard

We’re thrilled to share Shout Out Dallas has published a new Q+A piece with Alison Leonard, a key leader in our Dallas health practice.

In the piece, Alison talks about her current role, her passion for mental and behavioral healthcare design, how she balances her career as a mother, and places and experiences she loves most about Dallas. Specific to mental healthcare, Alison shares, “There are people in every strata of society who need mental healthcare treatment but don’t receive it for a variety of reasons. There’s a lot we can do as designers to reduce stigma, increase access, improve patient experience, amplify healing. My goal is to be a change agent and help people receive needed care through new spaces, creative design and innovation. And, I hope I’m able to broaden the focus on mental healthcare to also include how we design our workplaces, our learning spaces and now honestly, work from home experiences. Mental health is so critical to a positive future for our country and society. That’s an opportunity, and I want to help our region seize it.”

Alison’s full piece is available online. Below is another excerpt:

On translating CannonDesign’s culture into Dallas-area projects
My goal is to translate CannonDesign’s experience, innovative culture and diverse service capabilities into meaningful results for Dallas and Texas. We have the ability to significantly improve mental healthcare access and experience over the years ahead and design is a critical tool to make that happen. I hope 10 years from now we can look back on numerous projects that made lives better for those who call the Dallas region home. I would also add that CannonDesign’s culture is an engine for its success. Our teams are so willing to share ideas across geographies and markets. There is this deep drive to find the right solution for our clients regardless of who gets credit. There is just an incredible team atmosphere at CannonDesign that’s inspiring each day.

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