July 6, 2020

Shout Out LA Profiles Jenny Delgado

Jenny Delgado, our Southern California education co-leader, is profiled in a new Q+A piece from Shout Out LA.

Focused on highlighting the city’s creative culture, Shout Out LA interviews leaders from all different industries for unique ideas and insight. They reached out to Jenny upon learning of her fierce energy for design and education.

The full Q+A is available online. Below are key excerpts:

On her career path and why she is passionate about architecture and design?
What I love most about architecture and design is that it strengthens society. Great design doesn’t just create environments – it creates important socioeconomic opportunities for people; it helps communities thrive in new ways; it allows us to live healthier; better protect our environment and so much more. Our team at CannonDesign really embraces this aspect of the practice. We are a Living-Centered Design firm which means we approach every project from the perspective of “how will it help people flourish? How will it make the world a better place?”

That approach is reflected in our work. Just in Southern California, our teams are currently designing a breakthrough solution for LA’s homeless population, a new health centers for autistic children, helping colleges and universities define the future of education, opening community centers for recreation, and helping leading businesses create spaces for tomorrow’s brightest ideas. We even host a HORIZON series focused on elevating the brightest possibilities for the future. Designers are able to create spaces and solutions that make a difference for generations. Our positive impact on society outlives our careers and that inspires me each day.

On defining moments that influenced her in her life?
There are a couple of moments in my life I can clearly remember truly shaping who I am today. When I was in College, a professor called me into his office after submitting my project and told me: “there is no room for mediocrity in this world. If you want to succeed, your work and actions need to be exceptional. Take your project and come back with a good effort.”

Another defining moment came when a lawyer, who was helping me with a child support issue told me: “There are Ordinary and Extraordinary people in this world, the extraordinary people are those who do extra everyday. You can decide to be one of those people” I dedicate my shout out to my daughter Alexa. I live my life to be someone she admires.

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