Adam started his career as an architectural intern in our Baltimore office in 2015 and officially joined the firm when he graduated in 2016. Read on for more about where Adam’s career is at today.

What led you to pursue a career in architecture?

My mother raised me on her hometown farms of Guangdong, China. I reminisce about the slow agrarian lifestyle and communal courtyard houses, which led me to realize how powerful architecture can be when designing and building out of necessity. We lived off the land, so I quickly learned to appreciate man-made construction and technology. Architecture allows me to use my skills to make meaningful experiences for others.

How long have you worked at CannonDesign?

I started my internship in December 2015, and went full-time after graduating in May 2016. So… I’m still young and naïve enough to say that architecture can save the world!

What is your role?

Other than throwing down designs with project architects, I am responsible for maintaining the quality and delivery of our project files. The office leaders have graciously given me numerous opportunities to learn project delivery and coordination skills through BIM management. This allowed me to delve into Digital Practice with computational modeling and VR studies.

Describe an average day working in your office.

Days tend to fly by with all the tasks that pile up in our office! If I’m not resolving a BIM issue or coordinating with structural / lighting, then I’m likely discussing a design-study visualization. The project managers are always full of work and ideas that it’s no wonder our education department is growing so fast. They ensure that I’m receiving experience in both design and technical, so I’m on track to where I want to be in my career.