Hospitality Design: 5 Questions with Michael Bonomo

  • January 24, 2019
  • Publication: Hospitality Design

World Architecture 100: CannonDesign Holds Strong as Global Design Leader

  • December 19, 2018
  • Publication: Building Design

Understanding the World of Telehealth Reimbursement

  • December 3, 2018
  • Author: Ian Kobernick

Telehealth not only has the ability to increase convenience and improve care for remote patients, it also improves emergency department throughput, and ultimately can reduce potentially avoidable admissions.

While telemedicine capabilities are some of the most exciting existing in healthcare today, inconsistent reimbursement standards continue to hinder successful program adoption. Challenges continue in navigating the state-level variability in regulations and capturing procedures to receive the appropriate compensation and reimbursement. Because of its potential, it is crucial for organizations implementing telehealth to work closely with legislators and insurance companies to ensure reimbursement occurs in a timely and effective manner. Fortunately, the growing interest in implementing telehealth solutions has prioritized reimbursement evolution.

The purpose of this paper is to review the current landscape of telehealth reimbursement and provide insight into strategies for dealing with the complex regulatory environment. For example, when we asked a renown Academic Medical Center in Dallas about its telemedicine capabilities, they give a semi-standard response: “We would like to offer more, but billing is a significant challenge.” We’ll also take a deeper dive and show how one particular organization’s telehealth services are functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Download our Tactical Report on Telehealth Reimbursement >

Celebrating Major Moments for Pratt Institute and Emerson Hall

  • November 12, 2018
  • Author: Carisima Koenig

It has been an exciting few months for Pratt Institute and the new Emerson Hall project, set to open in Fall 2019. The project celebrated its “Topping Out” with the completion of the tenth floor this August. Several of our team members were on hand to mark the event.

Designed collaboratively by our team, hMa Architects and Pratt Institute, Emerson Hall creates important opportunities for first-year students’ social and intellectual development and promotes a community of invention and collaboration critical to Pratt’s academic mission. More than just a physical object, the building will be a home and nurturing environment where students learn, develop, grow and engage. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology spaces, and scaled areas for privacy and community, Emerson Hall is a live/learn residential hall which will foster bright futures for students.

Beyond Emerson Hall, Pratt Institute also recently inaugurated their new President Frances Bronet. A stand-out visionary in the world of education and former Architect. President Bronet focused her inauguration events around exploring new ideas and models for learning. She presented an engaging dialogue with renowned history and technology scholar Cathy N. Davidson for a thorough exploration of the topic.

Specifically, President Bronet demonstrated her architecture background to highlight that “while architecture has some of the normative fields of study seen at liberal arts schools, it is still fundamentally a studio practice model. Adding, that the social engagement that comes with the studio model ‘becomes a cauldron of learning.” This focus on engagement resonates loudly in the design of Emerson Hall.

Near the same time as the inauguration, Pratt also held Pratt Legends 2018, an event to honor distinguished individuals and companies in the world of art and design, whose accomplishments and values resonate with those of Pratt Institute. The awards program helps raise scholarships for Pratt students. Our team was fortunate to attend the fantastic event.

We look forward to sharing future updates about Emerson Hall and Pratt’s exciting efforts in higher education.

Learn more about Pratt Institute’s, Emerson Hall >

Decoding the Recipe for Success for Your Ambulatory Strategy

  • November 9, 2018
  • Author: Michael Pukszta

minnesotaWhile the major shift from inpatient to ambulatory care is allowing healthcare systems to remain at the forefront of medicine, it also creates significant challenges with respect to reimbursement, revenue, and patient volume. Exacerbating those challenges, there isn’t a “one size fits all” ambulatory strategy. Just as there is no single type of consumer, there is no single right or highest use of an ambulatory facility. Every patient is unique in how they want to interact with a health institution. And technology, digital solutions, experience, and patient expectations all play a role in their interactions.

In order to build a successful ambulatory strategy, health systems need to approach ambulatory care similar to how a chef approaches a recipe. While you may start with the same ingredients, the different amounts and ways in which they are mixed together will create very different results. It is essential for health systems to identify those ingredients, and then combine them strategically to create the successful recipe that matches their patients’ expectations.

Our ambulatory care team understands the many questions this “recipe” may pose for an organization, which is why our approach recognizes the uniqueness of each health system – targeting our efforts to identify ambulatory marketing opportunities and tailor solutions that correlate with each client’s definition of value.

We recently created a report that outlines the four major categories of ambulatory influencers and defines the building blocks for an ambulatory care site, to guide healthcare systems in tailoring an ambulatory strategy to their own unique brand of healthcare delivery.


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