Mehrdad Yazdani Presents at AIA New York Cocktails and Conversations

  • June 25, 2019
  • Author: CannonDesign

Our Mehrdad Yazdani recently presented as part of AIA New York’s Cocktails & Conversations series at the Center for Architecture in New York City. The dialogue series pairs pairs an architect with a critic, journalist or architectural historian to discuss current architecture design issues over cocktails. Mehrdad was joined by Sam Lubell, a staff writer and contributing editor to The Architect’s Newspaper for the conversation.

During the conversation, Mehrdad highlighted numerous topics and projects that have defined his career. As both the Director of the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign and a Principal at CannonDesign, Mehrdad practices at the intersection of the large office and small studio, developing a reputation for design excellence within the often-challenging realm of public architecture. Just three years after earning his Masters of Architecture from Harvard’s GSD, Progressive Architecture named him as one of the world’s top emerging architectural designers.

Yazdani’s recent work for educational, institutional, and cultural clients has been named by both Fast Company and The New York Times as among the most innovative in the nation. He also champions a design vision that crosses cultural and geographic boundaries, incorporating local customs, technologies, and materials into award-winning work in Korea, China, India, and the Middle East. Across the globe, Yazdani’s work exhibits the delicate balance between art and function. His recent project work includes CJ Blossom Park in South Korea, Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA, Lassonde Studios in Salt Lake City, UT among other dynamic projects.

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Mehrdad Yazdani to Present at AIA New York

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Earth Day 2019: What Will We Do In the Next 11 Years?

  • April 22, 2019
  • Author: Mike Cavanaugh

It has been 49 years since our first Earth Day in 1970.

Forty-nine years is quite a run. The passion and awareness ignited during those inaugural events in 1970 have driven significant positive change in our relationship with the natural environment. Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and many will undoubtedly hoist up that number proudly.

This year, however, let’s focus on a different number: 11.

According to a report released in 2018 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we must halve our emissions by 2030 to avoid a future defined by catastrophic climate change. That deadline is just 11 years away.

CannonDesign knows we must bring critical focus in this short span of time. Nearly ten years ago we signed onto the AIA 2030 commitment. In it, we pledged that all new buildings, developments, and major renovations we design will be carbon neutral – requiring no fossil fuel or GHG-emitting energy for operations. Instead, we’d rely on clean energy to power our built environment.

We knew then this would be a massive challenge, but one worth striving toward. Like many decades-long plans, when our commitment was signed we had the benefit of time. Today, we do not – but we do now have a few resources almost as valuable.

Deeper Knowledge

Our firm and industry have made great strides in advocating for low carbon building solutions. In doing so, we’ve educated ourselves, learning how to best monitor our progress and promote our most important and innovative ideas.

Proven Innovation

Ten years ago, building energy use was quantifiable by a small percentage of engineers and an even smaller percentage of architects. Technology was available but was not widely used or known.

Today, thanks to our industry’s continued leadership through the American Institute of Architects, Architecture 2030, and with help from incredible partners in the software community, we have sophisticated tools that are both accessible and integrated into our workflows.


We are fast approaching the year 2030. While we have had many successes, the transition to carbon neutrality needs to accelerate significantly. Time is not on our side, but we can use that reality to motivate us.

Of course, Earth Day, environmental awareness, and sustainability are about more than just building energy consumption. We must also think about how we’ll take action related to embodied carbon, material health, and resilience among other issues key to the building industry. While more generally, plastic pollution, air/water quality, and forest protection loom larger than ever. There are many ways we can individually recognize Earth Day 2019.

Our planet faces rapid, perilous and unprecedented threats from climate change. It has become the greatest challenge of our time. We have what it takes to meet this challenge, but we will need courage, commitment and sincere urgency to help us achieve our 2030 goals.

Time may not be on our side. But, Earth Day is a chance to look around and recognize the millions of people who do stand with us. Around the world, companies, institutions, cities, states, and nations are stepping up their commitments and demanding better. We are lucky to work with some of these organizations as they clear paths for others to follow.

We all have an impact on this planet and therefore a chance to ensure that is a positive one. This is our hope, inspiration, and potential – that together we can honor the vision of those who launched Earth Day 49 years ago, and preserve this planet as we know it for the generations to follow.

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