CannonDesign’s Strong Presence at the 2018 Healthcare Design Conference

  • 11/10/2018 - 11/13/2018

Waukee Innovation & Learning Center Featured in The 74 Million as ‘a Model for the Country’

  • October 17, 2018
  • Publication: The 74
  • Author: CannonDesign

An AEC Mentoring Experience for Hazelwood School District Students

  • October 8, 2018
  • Author: Amy Phillips and Marvin Johnson

In July, CannonDesign collaborated with Construction Management Partners (CMP), diversity consultant for the BJC HealthCare Diversity & Inclusion Program, to host a Shadow Day for several local high school students from various districts in St. Louis, including the Hazelwood and Fort Zumwalt School Districts. The objective was to provide students who had interest in studying architecture and engineering, and offer an upfront glance inside a professional AEC office environment. CannonDesign is a BJC HealthCare Toolbox Architect.


This was the first Shadow Day of its kind under a collaboration between Cannon and CMP as part of the BJC program; CannonDesign is a BJC HealthCare Toolbox Architect. In 2013, BJC HealthCare adopted a new Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

The objective of BJC’s program, with respect to building and professional level talent, is to engage the healthcare planning and design community through ongoing processes, policy, and practices that will:

  1. Develop a more diverse pool of design firms doing business with BJC
  2. Develop a more diverse employee base among design firms doing business with BJC
  3. Increase the capacity of qualified and certified local MBE/WBE design firms to do business in the healthcare industry
  4. Increase the recruitment and employment of minorities and females in internship programs to promote a more diverse workforce in the professional community

There are many exciting aspects of the design profession: solving complex challenges; creating buildings, systems, and solutions that look beautiful and work efficiently; and mentoring students who might someday be the future leaders of our industry.


CannonDesign set up the event as a mentoring opportunity for the interested students to expose them to the many facets of the AEC industry. The students shadowed several engineers and architects throughout the day who described his or her role on a typical design project and their connection to other members of the project team. The team also talked extensively about the design industry, professional development, and education requirements.

After the shadowing experience, the students took part in a roundtable discussion with our engineers, architects, interns and recent graduates. The discussion focused on the admissions and the college financial aid process so the students could be fully aware of the overall journey of preparing themselves for a career in the AEC industry. Multiple people in the roundtable expressed the importance of early planning, establishing early life goals and maintaining discipline, integrity, and hard work as part of the development process.

Thank you to the CannonDesign team members who took part – Brad Eisenbarth, Colin Hale, Alyssa Packard, Matthew Jeans, Dan Brown, Julie Shaw, Juan Garcia, Bonike Akinsanya, Victor Iwunwa, and Sydney Matson-Grimm (a student-intern from the University of Kansas Architecture Health + Wellness program) and the CMP team – Marvin L. Johnson and Chanel Tillman.

These membership events assist with building a strong internal office commitment to educating local students and future industry leaders. CannonDesign’s St. Louis office currently has seven architects and engineers working with ACE Mentor St. Louis at three different high schools every other week throughout the school year. The CannonDesign team hosted a similar shadowing event earlier in the year for Cardinal Ritter Prep students.

Mentoring doesn’t stop with high school students! CannonDesign recently hosted elementary school classes from New City School and Rockwood School District to answer their questions about design and construction and to explore projects.

Both CannonDesign and CMP agree to work together in the future to encourage our mentor students to take charge of their futures, and to continue to give back to our industry for years to come.

Punit Jain Hosting Workshop and Presenting at I2SL Annual Conference

  • 10/14/2018 - 10/17/2018
  • Presenter(s): Punit Jain, AIA, LEED Fellow

Cindy Bambini Joins CannonDesign as STL Business Development Leader

  • October 2, 2018

CannonDesign Leading Two Sessions at Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities (CCHF) Conference at CHUM

  • 10/15/2018 - 10/16/2018
  • Presenter(s): Mike Pukszta, Jocelyn Stroupe, and Christy Cavataio

CannonDesign’s St. Louis Office Celebrates 10 Years in Historic Power House

  • September 18, 2018
  • Author: CannonDesign

In 2006, CannonDesign saw a rare opportunity for its St. Louis office in one of the city’s signature buildings: a vacant steam-heat power plant built in 1928 as part of the city’s post-World’s Fair economic re-development efforts.

Ten years later, after a major redesign and adaptive re-use process that gutted its interior and created a new-meets-old design concept, the Power House is still generating positive energy for its occupants — our St. Louis headquarters — its neighborhood, and its city. We celebrate its first decade with a look back at its history and impact.

When built, the Power House powered a dozen downtown city buildings, including City Hall, the Kiel Opera House, and multiple municipal buildings and courthouses. Its coal-burning mechanics were visible to the public through the glorious 26-foot-tall arched windows. A significant building for residents, the Power House was a flagship of great civic initiative and a pillar of municipal pride.

But in 1980, after more than a half-century in operation, the plant was decommissioned. Falling sharply into disrepair, its beautiful brick facade became an eyesore; its roof infamously sprouted trees — an ironic last hope for life on this blighted neighborhood cornerstone. A landmark on the National Register of Historic Places, the Power House needed new fuel.

It sat vacant for some 25 years, until CannonDesign purchased it as a new home for our St. Louis regional office. The team quickly realized its potential as a truly unique office environment, and as an emblem of the neighborhood’s rebirth.

Under the project leadership of principal Thomas Bergmann and design leadership of David Polzin, the new design that emerged reflected CannonDesign’s ideals of creativity, collaboration and sustainable design.

“We wanted the office to be demonstrative of our values. We wanted to inject the work environment with an atmosphere that would stimulate design exploration; we created multiple soft spaces for teams to come together to collaborate, and we pursued LEED Gold certification, working with our engineers to understand building performance,” says David.

The challenge was a small building footprint, but a large volume of space. The immense interior was gutted to its brick shell, maintaining the only massive steel plate columns. A whole new interior was injected into the brick shell, calling for “ship-in-a-bottle”-precision construction methods.

All-new HVAC, plumbing and electrical infrastructure were added; concrete foundations were exposed as walls for conference rooms; and two new floor plates were added above the ground floor to make use of the building’s dramatic height. By holding the new floors away from the exterior walls, all employees benefit from access to significant daylight and beautiful beautiful panoramic views of the neighboorhood.

[Learn more about the Power House’s adaptive re-use design in High Performing Buildings.]

The new design was an immediate success for CannonDesign’s 100-employee St. Louis team, as David explains: “The most gratifying part about the building has been the joy of seeing it used as it was intended … it has been transformative for our design culture.”

It also signaled a new day for its community. Since opening, the office has renewed the area’s interest in adaptive re-use of its historical structures, and has inspired a new generation of similar projects throughout the design-build landscape.

For CannonDesign, the project has garnered us with multiple international awards, including the AIA Institute Honor Award, the SARA Distinguished Building of the Year, and the ARIDO Project of the year, among others.

But beyond awards and recognition sits the nearly century-old truth of the great Power House — that in generating and distributing power to a city, even a hallmark building is more than its beams and bricks. When it becomes a city’s hub of energy, growth and later rebirth, it becomes the very cornerstone of its identity.

That the company’s vision in 2006 paid off is an enormous feather in our cap, to be sure. But that it did so in honor of the city’s legacy of design, industry and midwestern sense of community, is an even bigger reward.

Happy new 10th birthday, Power House! A toast from your CannonDesign family, working hard to fuel your next 90 years!


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