Excellent facility design will be your R&D grant differentiator

Funding challenges are a major concern for many institutions around the United States. Colleges and universities are tasked with securing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in grants each year to continue their important research and development. When applying for R&D funding from the federal government, the proposed scientific concept needs to hold merit, but equally important is showing the merit of your research facility. How will the facility support the research and development within?

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For construction, renovation and equipment grant applications, the requirements include engineering criteria, architectural criteria, line drawings, timelines, construction documents, equipment plans, operating budgets and more. With hundreds of institutions competing for a limited amount of funding, the way you present the facility design plays a pivotal role in setting the top applications apart from the rest.

R&D grant the importance of design in grant funding

Partnering for your grant application success

CannonDesign has extensive experience teaming with scientists and administrators throughout the grant application process. We have a depth of knowledge of the federal agency research programs which we use to support academic facility renovation and construction. Additionally, we are experts in navigating the complex design requirements necessary to achieve a successful score.

R&D grant the importance of design in grant funding

After the application has been awarded, our team can shorten the review process by submitting detailed drawings during the design development, schematic design and construction document phases.

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