February 25, 2022

WORK Journal Publishes Ergonomic Lighting Considerations for the Home Office Article

In light of the pandemic, Blue Cottage of CannonDesign’s Cameron McKee delved into environmental design research and her studies on the impact of lighting on the workforce with her most recent published article, “Ergonomic lighting considerations for the home office work environment” in the journal WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation.

Cameron teamed up with her former professor Alan Hedge, Professor Emeritus of Human Centered Design at Cornell University, and the second author on this article, to explore lighting considerations for the home office workplace, especially after COVID-19 affected the workforce by driving large numbers of people from the “big office” to their home office.


The article examines questions that many people who transitioned to a work from home environment have been asking since March 2020, including:

  • What does the existing body of knowledge says on lighting and ergonomics?
  • How to to support yourself and others by knowing how different lighting conditions impact your work.
  • Ways you can change your home environment for the better.

Cameron has also conducted early stage research alongside our Lighting Studio with University of Cincinnati Health on the potential benefits of circadian lighting in the emergency department.

“The most fun thing about conducting this review was uncovering a potentially overlooked way that the pandemic is impacting our lives, the importance of understanding it, and offering ways to fix it,” said Cameron, a consultant with Blue Cottage. “In an increasingly complex and challenging time, finding ways to understand the challenges people face and offer possible ways to improve the lives, of even a subsect of the population, is incredibly exciting.”