August 5, 2021

Alternative Design Podcast: Leading-Edge Mental and Behavioral Health Design

Our Stacey Root and Stephanie Vito joined the latest episode of the Alternative Design podcast to talk all things mental health design.

Specifically, the duo focused on new design trends that are helping reduce stigma around mental health, a Save the 8s initiative they’ve launched to help children dealing with related challenges, designing for trauma and much more.

Stacey and Stephanie are tireless advocates for the betterment of mental health. Stephanie recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything team about how mental health facilities are being designed as civic assets, and they both authored a piece to further detail Save the 8s. They believe wholeheartedly that we can be doing more to bring design ideas from overt mental healthcare spaces into our workplaces, schools, community centers and more. These steps and others can help us reshape the conversation to empower mental fitness.

The Alternative Design podcast focuses on empowering creatives to improve the human experience through the spaces they design. Each monthly episode features innovators that spark conversations to challenge traditional ideas about how design can truly impact a space.

Listen to the full podcast episode >