October 29, 2021

CEO Lukanic Joins Two Conversations with Fast Company

In a series of conversations, Fast Company Impact Council members—including CEO of CannonDesign, Brad Lukanic—described achievable changes that could enable institutions and society to emerge from the pandemic as more sustainable, more adaptable and more inclusive.

“Build Back Better” has been a rallying cry in the disaster recovery community for 15 years. What began as an exhortation to construct stronger buildings and roads following hurricanes and earthquakes has grown into a broader mandate: to make communities more resilient by revitalizing local economies while preserving natural resources. President Joe Biden has adopted the phrase, first as a campaign slogan and later as a name for his sweeping economic and infrastructure agenda.

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The second conversation shared insights on what it will take to build society, companies and communities with impact in mind.

Looking five or more years to the future, what’s a major improvement you’d like to see that could be attributed to the lessons of 2020 and 2021? 

Brad Lukanic, CEO, CannonDesign: “The topic around infrastructure—social and physical—has a great significance as we begin to see the rise of natural phenomena like increased strength of hurricanes, droughts, or fires changing physical environments and impacting all our communities. The 1930s Works Progress Administration (WPA) focused on federally driven public works projects, with many of their aspects enduring to this day.

The 2020–2021 vaccine deployment highlights positive outcomes when industry and government work together for a singular purpose. Climate change will be the focused endeavor for this decade and the next. As we think about how infrastructure is being defined today, we should not lose sight of past successes or the opportunities for solving even greater challenges in the years ahead.”

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