At midnight on June 30th an extra second will be added to the worldwide clock.

While this SHOULD be unnoticeable and is considered low risk, you may:

  • Wonder why you are 1 second early to everything
  • Wonder what caused unexplained schedule/event issues or weird crashes or system behaviors.
  • Wonder why you feel so rested

In the past, leap seconds have caused problems for computer systems, often because scientists don’t know about the extra second until the last minute (figuratively speaking). Leap second addition last occurred on June 30, 2012 and caused issues for Reddit, LinkedIn, Gizmodo and FourSquare (The Inside Story of the Extra Second That Crashed the Web, WIRED).

But a lot of good things can happen in one second too.

  • In just one second, you can send a tweet that turns viral.
  • In one second, you can break your own ultramarathon record.
  • In just one second, you can read a few words that brighten your day.

Some of the best things in life don’t take time at all—they happen in a moment.

It only takes a moment to have a mind-blowing realization. It only takes a moment to have a breakthrough idea—to conceive an innovation that changes the world. And it only takes a moment to focus your mind on what you value most and start the next moment from a position of real strength.