September 26, 2020

Improving Convergence Research Outcomes Through Design

In today’s hyper-competitive science and technology environment, successful organizations know that strategic workplace design is no longer a luxury. Historically, providing a private office and a large wet lab were enough to attract great talent and achieve expected results. Today, researchers demand more of their space as our scientific culture shifts toward “convergence research.

We are seeing a new generation of researchers challenging the status quo by looking for creative ways to perform their work. These researchers are seeking workspaces that enable collaboration, creativity, flexibility and wellbeing. Convergent scientific workplace design is based on the widely recognized convergence research model that has been proven to breakdown traditional barriers of scientific discovery and pave the way toward improved recruitment, retention, productivity and innovation.

This paper explores the rise of convergence research, the challenges this new model faces, and uncovers design strategies for fostering convergence in a way that increases collaboration, flexibility and employee wellness.

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