October 16, 2016

Maximizing Patient Throughput with Infusion Center Design

The demand for cancer services has never been higher, and is expected to grow. This trend is exasperated by the expanding aging population, along with cancer survivors seeking disease management and survivorship services. Most growth is forecasted to occur in the outpatient setting, and as this trend comes full swing, organizations will be looking towards expansion as their natural solution for managing the increase in population.

When facility improvements are required, there are key design concepts that can help support throughput and patient satisfaction. But before an organization decides to increase capacity through investment in additional space, steps should be taken to maximize the use of what currently exists. By increasing the utilization and operational efficiency of the current space, improved patient throughput can significantly increase revenue, strengthen patient satisfaction, and reduce wait times. This can help an organization achieve significant cost savings, including precious capital resources.

This paper highlights both operational and design best practices for infusion centers that will help increase overall infusion performance.

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