November 27, 2018

Moving Interdisciplinary Learning to New Heights

To better prepare students for the region’s booming healthcare and technical industries, Webster University responded to that need in the form of Browning Hall — a destination interdisciplinary science center.

Historically known as an arts-focused institution, Browning Hall triples the number of labs on campus and brought science studies out of a cramped and windowless basement to provide students the best opportunities to explore and excel in the current regional job market. It brings together 10 different disciplines, from the natural sciences, to social sciences, to humanities to medical sciences. By merging these traditionally separated disciplines, the building encourages comprehensive broad thinking and shared research methods supporting new leaps of discovery for both research and education.

This article explores the design strategies we employed on Webster University’s Browning Hall and the features that make it one of the most interdisciplinary learning buildings in the country.

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