Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with RedRick Technologies to create the 2018 updated edition of “Medical Imaging Reading Environment Optimization; A Planning Guide.” This recently updated guide is designed to help health system staff optimize their medical imaging reading environments in order to help reduce repetitive stress injuries (RSI’s) and improve interaction between radiologists and clinicians.

The updated planning guide summarizes best practices that meet the unique needs of medical imaging departments and defines the many factors that constitute good reading room design and siting, including how they can enhance the practice of radiology. Using practical, educational guidance for architects, designers, facilities planners, and clinical department leaders involved in the design and renovation of medical imaging reading room environments, the guide addresses the importance of proper reading room location to enhance communication among healthcare staff. The guide also addresses how RSI’s, which impact physician health and wellbeing, can be eliminated through good economic principles.

The new guide, which was unveiled at RSNA in late 2017, can now be downloaded here.

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