April 10, 2021

Brad Lukanic to Moderate UIDP Keynote About Innovation

Our CEO Brad Lukanic will moderate a keynote by Vivek Wadhwa, a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Labor and Worklife Program,  during the UIDPVirtual 2021 conference.

Mr. Wadhwa’s keynote will discuss how the momentum of tech innovation has vastly accelerated, enhancing every sector’s capability to initiate new development efforts and produce even more products, services, and solutions to our pressing challenges. The R&D response to the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the rising potential of exponentially advancing technologies, but it’s just a precursor of what’s to come. This session will explore the types of changes on the horizon and how entire industries will be disrupted—while new ones are created.

UIDP is an organization where representatives from top-tier innovation companies and world-class research universities meet and commit to active participation in pursuit of excellence in U-I collaboration and partnership.

About Vivek Wadhwa

Vivek Wadhwa is the author of five best-selling books: From Incremental to Exponential; Your Happiness Was Hacked; The Driver in the Driverless Car; Innovating Women; and The Immigrant Exodus.

He has been a globally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post and held appointments at Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, Stanford Law School, Emory University, and Singularity University.

Vivek is based in Silicon Valley and researches, speaks and writes about advancing technologies that are transforming our world. These advances – in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, medicine, and nanomaterials – are making it possible for small teams to do what was once possible only for governments and large corporations to do: solve the grand challenges in education, water, food, shelter, health, and security.