August 14, 2019

CannonDesign Ranks No. 4 with Education Leaders Featured in BD+C University Giants Report

CannonDesign was ranked fourth out of the top 175 university architecture firms in this year’s Building Design + Construction Giants 300 Report. Accompanying the ranking was a write-up featuring insights from Patricia Bou, Charles Smith and Lynne Deninger on trends impacting the design of higher education institutions.

Emerson Place, which is an innovative collaboration between CannonDesign, Hanrahan Meyers Architects and Pratt Institute, also received a shout-out in the feature. Emerson Place is a new 10-story residence hall located in Brooklyn, NY, that is designed to address the complex needs of its first-year students.

Excerpts of the piece can be found below, and the full piece can be found here for reference.

On the continued interest and spread of innovation districts:
Some universities are creating “innovation districts” to historically separate programs. “These districts create holistic living and learning environments, offer a sense of community, and help connect and immerse higher-ed institutions with surrounding communities and professional organizations,” says Patricia Bou, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, CannonDesign.

On designing for inclusivity:
There’s also an emphasis on designing for inclusivity, as universities strive to offer customized experiences matched to each student’s unique academic journey. “Universities are engaged in a conscious drive toward multicultural human experience as they recognize evolving campus cultures,” says Charles Smith, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, CannonDesign. “Student unions, dining experiences, and residence halls are being programmed and designed to create more open, collaborative, and supportive environment for all students.”

On the importance of designing for student wellness:
“Our clients understand the importance of providing spaces and resources that allow students to decompress or regroup,” says Lynne Deninger, AIA, LEED AP, CannonDesign Principal and Boston Practice Leader.