December 2, 2021

Eric Corey Freed on Imagine a Place Podcast: How to Grow a Building

Our Director of Sustainability Eric Corey Freed recently joined the popular Imagine a Place Podcast to talk about all things sustainable design, net-zero buildings, regenerative materials, bio-engineering, building a movement and more in an episode titled, “How to Grow a Building.

The Imagine a Place Podcast is hosted by Doug Shapiro and serves as an audio journal that explores the powerful role place plays in our lives by gathering and sharing authentic voices, insightful perspectives and stories of places designed to inspire, support and connect people.

“This was one of the most enjoyable media opportunities I’ve ever had. Doug is an incredible interviewer,” said Eric of the podcast episode. “We’re in such a pivotal moment of time when it comes to our response to climate change, we need to be loud, bold and committed like never before to positive sustainable action. I’m so grateful to Doug and his team for letting me share our perspective.”

As Director of Sustainability, Eric empowers his team to help organizations create, achieve and enhance their environmental social governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) work to positively reshape their carbon and energy footprints.

“I want our team to be able to speak with organizations about clear, deployable strategies that can help them achieve these ESG and CSR goals,” Eric adds. “Let’s instill in them a vision for how they can achieve their first net-zero energy-building, or their first carbon-neutral campus. Let’s get bold in how we lead others to a resilient, regenerative future.”

Our teams are currently working on exciting sustainable projects including the California Institute of Technology Resnick Sustainability Resource Center, Gregory Bateson Building Renovation and confidential health projects focused on eliminating cancer-causing materials from cancer buildings.