June 1, 2020

Erie County Medical Center's New Emergency Department Opens

Erie County Medical Center’s new emergency room is poised to open as the importance of access to healthcare remains at an unprecedented peak.

The $55 million KeyBank Trauma and Emergency Department, designed by CannonDesign, nearly doubles the square footage of its 40-year-old predecessor. There are now 57 treatment stations compared to 36 in the last facility, and it also includes four dedicated trauma rooms, two behavioral health de-escalation rooms, two isolation rooms and four resuscitation bays.

Clinicians will also have access to two dedicated CT rooms and two x-ray rooms, as well as a direct path from the hospital’s rooftop helipad.

Erie County Medical Center’s emergency department is the only Level 1 Adult Trauma and Emergency Department for the 1.5 million residents of Western New York, and handles a wide spectrum of patients, including mass casualty situations.

Physicians, nurses, EMTs and other care workers will see improved efficiency in the new space. The new facility is on the ground level, providing better access for patients and first responders compared to the old center that was one story above ground. For a better way to triage patients, a care initiation zone was incorporated into the new department that can evaluate the severity of a patient’s condition immediately.

Caregivers provided input into its design, Donna Oddo, the emergency department’s nursing care coordinator, told the Buffalo News.

“It saves time and footsteps and it makes it easier for them to do their jobs.”

The original department was built accommodate 35,000 to 40,000 patients a year, but has now been treating about 70,000 patients annually. Erie County Medical Center projects the number of patients to grow to over 75,000 by 2024.

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