April 3, 2020

Juliet Rogers Speaks with Architect on How Healthcare Designs for Surge Capacity

A new piece from Architect magazine shares insight on how health organizations are working tirelessly to maximize their capacity as COVID-19 spreads.

Our Juliet Rogers offers insight throughout the piece as she shares “Part of the challenge in this country right now is that we have 50 ways of doing health care and 50 different ways of regulating health care. Whereas we can put out information and ideas, we can’t necessarily call them recommendations, because they might not meet the codes in every state.”

This reality creates a multitude of challenges and will require health systems to strategically keep non COVID-19 patients in other spaces. Juliet explains that “Creating critical care settings outside of a hospital is incredibly challenging. We would get more value from using non-hospital settings for supporting lower acuity care, for supporting non-infectious care, for supporting staff who need a place to sleep.”

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