June 9, 2019

UCSD Women & Infants Pavilion Provides Cutting-Edge Care in a Luxury Setting

UC San Diego Medical Center is the hospital of choice in the San Diego region for women with complex pregnancies and newborns who need extensive care.

The fetal and neonatal survival rates at UCSD are among the highest in California. UCSD is nationally recognized for its work in the care of diabetic, hypertensive, twin and triplet pregnancies, as well as fetal surgery service. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a leader in formulating and conducting advanced clinical trials for the care of premature infants and produces ground-breaking advances in neonatal nutrition. With the incidence of high-risk pregnancies and multiple births on the rise, the community faces a need for additional space and more advanced technologies – all with the goal of helping high-risk babies and their mothers achieve a lifetime of health.

The Rady Women & Infants Pavilion within the new Jacobs Medical Center incorporates the latest technologies to provide extraordinary care during pregnancy, delivery and for newborn’s first days. The staff of world-recognized obstetricians, anesthesiologists neonatologists and pediatricians provide the most advanced continuum of health care for both mother and baby – from prenatal care through labor and birth, from fetal interventional surgery to neonatal intensive care in a premier facility.

Recognizing the importance of the clinical environment in patient care and recovery, The Rady Women & Infants Pavilion provides a beautiful and comfortable setting for patients and their families. The Labor and Delivery/Recovery rooms are designed to promote a “home to hotel” style experience, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the unique scenery of La Jolla. The facility also includes relaxation areas for parents and families spending weeks or months at the hospital.

The new medical center includes a 52-bed NICU for those babies needing long-term, specialized care, as well as a midwifery staffed Birthing Center which emphasizes wellness and a natural birth experience with minimal medical intervention.

The Rady Women & Infants Pavilion is near UCSD’s renowned research facilities, the Moores Cancer Center, the UCSD Hospital for Special Surgery and partners in the biotechnology community. This unique intersection of the most advanced bioscience and clinical care protocols with a family-centered human touch brings a special environment in which the most challenging problems of pregnancy and newborn life can be addressed.